Perfumer: Helene VONESCH

Personally, what specific goals or milestones do you aim to achieve in your ongoing journey as a perfumer, and how do these aspirations shape your approach to each new fragrance you create?

I aspire to master new scent profiles, contribute to sustainable practices within the industry, and create fragrances that leave a lasting impact on people's lives. These aspirations shape my approach to each new fragrance by driving me to constantly innovate, experiment with unique ingredients, and infuse a sense of purpose into my creations. With each scent, I strive to bring a fresh perspective and contribute to the evolving landscape of perfumery.

How do you perceive the impact you aim to create with your fragrances, and what emotions or experiences do you hope your creations evoke in those who wear them?

My goal is to craft fragrances that transport people to different realms of emotion and experience. I strive to create scents that evoke a sense of joy, confidence, or even nostalgia. The impact I aim for is a positive and lasting impression, where individuals feel a deep connection to the essence of the fragrance and carry the emotions
associated with it throughout their day. Ultimately, I hope my creations become a part of people's personal
stories, enhancing their moments and leaving a memorable olfactory imprint.

Given your dedication to perfecting every tiny detail in your formulations, what would you define as the ultimate satisfaction or achievement when it comes to the finished fragrance?

The ultimate satisfaction in perfecting fragrance formulations lies in creating a composition that seamlessly harmonizes every element, where each note contributes to a captivating olfactory symphony. Achieving a balance where the fragrance unfolds beautifully over time, revealing its complexity and depth, is deeply fulfilling. The ultimate achievement is when the scent not only meets but exceeds the envisioned concept, eliciting genuine appreciation and emotion from those who experience it. It's about crafting a fragrance that becomes a work of art, leaving a lasting and positive impression on the wearer.

Given the dynamic nature of the fragrance industry, what innovations or advancements do you anticipate playing a pivotal role in the evolution of perfumery, and how does this impact your own creative desires?

I foresee several innovations shaping the future of perfumery. Firstly, advancements in sustainable sourcing and production methods are likely to become increasingly important, aligning with the growing environmental consciousness.

Moreover, the exploration of novel scent molecules and ingredients, potentially derived from biotechnology or synthetic biology, could lead to entirely new olfactory experiences.

Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in fragrance creation could revolutionize scent design, providing new avenues for creativity and efficiency.

These advancements excite me as they offer endless possibilities for innovation and experimentation in my own creative endeavours. I am eager to embrace new technologies and ingredients, pushing the boundaries of traditional perfumery to craft unique and impactful scents that resonate with people on a deeper level.

As a relatively young perfumer, how have you navigated and established your position within a prominent company, and what qualities do you believe contributed to your early success?

My journey in establishing a presence within a prominent company involves dedication, adaptability, and a passion for continuous learning. Collaborating with experienced colleagues has allowed me to absorb insights while contributing fresh perspectives. My commitment to refining my craft and staying updated on industry trends is crucial. Effective communication and a collaborative spirit play a significant role in building positive relationships with team members. I believe success comes from a balance of technical proficiency, creativity, and a proactive approach to professional development. By staying curious, open-minded, and committed to excellence, I aim to position myself as a valuable asset within the company.

What are some of your absolute favourite ingredients to work with as a perfumer, and how do these
preferences reflect your personal olfactory style and creative inclinations in crafting unique fragrances?

As a perfumer who enjoys cooking, I like to incorporate spices like pepper, cardamom, and ginger for example. I find immense pleasure in translating the richness and complexity of culinary aromas into my fragrances. Pepper adds a vibrant and spicy kick, cardamom contributes an aromatic depth, while ginger brings a zesty and invigorating note.

I seek to harmonize these spices with other elements, creating fragrances that are both sensorially captivating and emotionally resonant. The use of these ingredients reflects my passion for storytelling through scent, aiming to evoke unique experiences and emotions reminiscent of the diverse flavours found in cooking.

Are there specific mentors or influences that played a significant role in your journey to becoming the perfumer?

Patrick Süskind's novel "Perfume" acted as a guiding influence on my journey to becoming a perfumer. The book, a captivating exploration of scent and obsession, sparked my initial fascination with the art of fragrance at an early age. Süskind's vivid descriptions and the protagonist's quest for the perfect scent ignited my curiosity, inspiring me to delve deeper into the world of perfumery.

On a personal level, what fulfilment or satisfaction do you derive from your work as a perfumer, and how has this evolved over the course of your career?

On a personal level, I find fulfilment as a perfumer in crafting scents that evoke emotions and memories. Initially, it was about mastering technical aspects, but over time, it has evolved into a deeper connection with the impact my fragrances have on individuals – contributing to moments of joy, confidence, or nostalgia. The evolving joy lies in the transformative power of scent and its ability to enhance the human experience.