Vincent Schaller


Vincent SCHALLER is the Artist Perfumer who created the first drop of 3 fragrances for HOC Parfum - 24H London.

Born in Switzerland his creative lifestyle took him from Sao Paolo to Paris passing by London and New York, fueling the artistry needed to craft more than 300 perfumes for different brands as Lalique, Courrège, Le Labo, Paul Smith, Max Mara, Yamamoto and many others as a Firmenich nose. 

Doctor in Chemistry, he also spent four years in their « Smell The Taste » department developing unique and exclusive molecules which he naturally used in his creations for HOC.

While living in London, Vincent naturally chose this city as his “Histoire Olfactive” embotteling its essence and feelings he created the first story of HOC.

Now living in New York Vincent is continuing his work as The Perfumer and working on something significant yet to come..

Sebastien Lacouture


With over 20 years of experience, and a real passion for raw materials, Sebastien Lacouture is perfumer at Scentmate by DSM-Firmenich.

Raised between France and Switzerland, Sebastien took a degree in chemistry, and then enrolled ISIPCA to study fragrance development management.

In his early career, while living in Great Britain, Sebastien had the privilege to be mentored by third-generation Master Perfumer Francois Robert.

Sebastien's approach to formulation prioritizes originality: his formulas highlight the unusual and unique side of raw materials, with brilliant and never-before-seen blends. His fondness for chemistry fuels the use of high-impact chemicals: intense, characterizing molecules he uses in tiny traces to give his fragrances original, catchy twists.

His long and successful career in the fragrance industry earned Sebastien the prestigious Mouillette d'Argent Award for Best Fragrance in 2023.

Marie Hugentobler


Marie is an enthusiastic, joyful and driven perfumer with more than twenty years of experience in the International Fine Fragrance (IFF), Personal care and Air care fragrance creation.

Thrilled by sharing with passionate people and she joined Scentmate by Firmenich from the very beginning, conceived to revolutionize traditional thinking about fragrance design.

With creativity, customer and market knowledge, as well as keen on detail nature, Marie’s vision roots AI-enabled platform in perfumery.

Marie constantly challenges the limits, driving Scentmate’s team to think out of the box by bringing innovation into the traditional way of thinking in the fragrance industry.

Hélène Vonesch


Born in Strasbourg Helene felt attracted to taste and olfaction from a very early age, in the kitchen of her parents' family restaurant.

Growing up in a restaurant has surely had an impacting effect on her to become a perfumer and still nowadays, when she tastes a particularly savory dish she immediately starts imagining how to translate it into a perfume.

Her multifaceted creativity had led Helene to graduate in piano at the Conservatory, and enrolling at Isipca in Versailles to study perfumery. Fascinated by the similarities between music and perfume she explains: “They are both made of notes and nuances. Moreover, as a perfumer, you compose in front of an organ.

When it comes to formulation, her balanced and polished style takes over: in order to be satisfied with her creations she works on every tiny detail until the result is just as she had imagined it.

Her approach to perfumery is a combination of scientific mindset and creativity: her formulas tend to be short and concise,featuring only the most accurate ingredients.

Her favourites are woods and spices, with a fondness for the fresh, sparkling hue of pink pepper and the green pungency of cardamom, with its citrusy, fresh, and floral facets, or even the freshness of cologne.